Our Education System

Our Education System

Teaching Methodology

Academic Management


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Classroom Sessions

Interactive classes by experienced faculty members to develop student's knowledge, analytical skills and question solving abilities.

Daily Practice Problem Sheets

Under this plan, students are given 8-10 questions in every class to monitor day by day progress. As these questions clarify even the slightest of doubts, students become conceptually very sound.

Doubt Solving Classes

We conduct the doubt Solving classes regularly after completion of each topic. Student's doubts from exercise sheets are clarified to the grass root level to ensure complete preparation in all respect.

Study Material

Study Material prepared by our subject experts is provided covering relevant theory notes, illustration with stage by stage system to analysis growth of the Student Study Material is available in both medium (English & Hindi) Separately.

Problem Solving Counters

To give personal attention to each student even outside the classroom faculty members regularly remain available at Problem Solving Counters. If an individual student feels that some question/statement/theory is not clear, then he/she may clarify these at "Problem Solving Counter”in the one—to—one interaction mode.

Exercise Sheets

Exercise Sheets based on latest pattern of examination are provided for each topic. These exercise sheets gives rigorous practice and after solving and getting clarified the doubts students can assume that his/her preparation is complete in the particular topic.
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